July 29, 2021

The role and efficacy of enzymes

What is an enzyme? An enzyme is an enzyme that is beneficial to human health. It can help the human body to purify the blood, help the human body to detoxify and detoxify, etc. Let us understand the function and efficacy of the enzyme.

Enzyme is a kind of enzyme, and enzyme is a kind of biological catalyst. There are thousands of enzymes in the organism. They dominate the metabolism, nutrition and energy conversion of organisms and many other catalytic processes. Most of the reactions closely related to life processes are enzyme-catalyzed reactions.酵素推介 But enzymes don't just act as catalysts in cells.

The effect of enzymes on the human body:

1. Blood purification effect: Enzymes can decompose and excrete wastes in the blood and toxins produced by inflammation, avoiding poor blood circulation, causing backache, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite and other uncomfortable symptoms that are not sick; At the same time, it can reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, fundamentally improve the physiological functions of the heart and brain blood vessels, and effectively prevent and improve the "three highs".

2. The existence of the small molecule essence makes the body cells become more active and the metabolism speeds up significantly. The human body can also cure diseases through its own cell activation, which is completely different from the way drugs suppress the pain (symptoms).

3. Decomposition and detoxification: If there is no enzyme, it takes about 4-6 hours for a person to digest a lunch. It can be seen that enzymes are indispensable in the process of helping the body to digest and absorb nutrients. Help tissue cells to decompose, metabolize (remove) residual carbon dioxide, waste, bacterial toxins and other metabolic wastes in the body.

4. Anti-inflammatory effect: When tissue cells are locally damaged and infection of pathogenic bacteria causes inflammation, the enzyme can transport a large number of white blood cells to give tissue cells the power to treat wounds. Enzymes can also stimulate the division and proliferation of immune cells, and produce more antibodies. The immune function is gradually restored to a dynamic balance, thereby improving human immunity, achieving the goal of basic diseases and maintaining health.

5. Maintain the acidic balance of body fluids: Normal people's body fluids are weak (pH 7.35 to 7.45). Those with a pH below 7.35 are acidic. Imbalanced constitution directly leads to weakening of cell function, slowing down of metabolism, and difficulty in excretion of waste products. The burden on the kidneys and liver will increase. Therefore, people with "imbalanced" constitutions are prone to contract diseases. Regular consumption of small molecule essences can maintain the acidity balance of body fluids, maintain the balance of the intestinal flora, strengthen the body's resistance to pathogenic bacteria, and effectively prevent cancer.

It can be seen that the effect of enzymes on the human body is so great that middle-aged and elderly people are reminded that more food enzymes are beneficial to health.

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